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National Negroni Week

Our favourite cocktail gets its own celebration...!

National Negroni Week

If you've ever asked for a recommendation at bath & bottle, you'll probably know that we're big fans of the humble Negroni.
The Negroni hails from Florence and while its exact origins are unknown, legend has it that the drink was created when Count Camillo Negroni ordered an Americano—sweet vermouth, Campari and club soda—with gin swapped in for the standard soda.
This is the ultimate bartenders drink; simple, strong, refreshing. It makes a great aperitif but is equally delicious enjoyed as a nightcap.

As this week is National Negroni Week, we put together a quick video to demonstrate how to make our favourite drink; check it out now on our facebook page
If you're interested in learning more about cocktails, why not organise a cocktail masterclass for your next corporate or social event? We can host classes for up to 15 people. Find out more by emailing hostanevent@rockfoodconcepts.com

- 25ml Campari
- 25ml Tanqueray Gin (you can use your favourite gin but we find a London dry works best)
- 25ml Vermouth (you could use Martini Rosso, but our vermouth of choice is punt e mez for its depth of flavour)
Chill a rocks glass and set aside // Combine the spirits in a mixing glass with plenty of ice // Using a bar spoon, stir to dilute and chill the drink // Strain into chilled glass over ice // Create a twist of orange peel and lightly spray the citrus oil on the surface of the drink // Garnish with orange twist and enjoy!

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